Friday, May 29, 2009


At some point, Nikki became my cruise director for the weekend. This is a very good thing since apparently being Nikki means waltzing around every night from house to house eating delicious food and drinking wine. Occasionally? She doodles on her car. Also? As of a few hours ago, sports the fabulous new flaming 'do pictured at left courtesy of Karson Kelley. I'm taking partial credit for the hair since I told her to do something bold and red. You should totally see a larger version of that photo, but something is wrong with my skillz, and I can only make it work at that inadequate size. Sorry.

Fortunately, I am able to present this close-up I snapped tonight of the rather more risque turn Nikki's car project has taken since its beginning at the Lowertown Art & Music Festival:

Oo, la la! Rumor has it that I'm going to get my own Nikkidoodled gas cap. It might have been the wine talking, but I'm holding her to it anyway.

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Nikki D. May said...

No rumor... you get your very own Nikki gas-tank doodle! And if you'd like to make your weekend complete... you could come with me and Aynex and Mary to the Breaking the Ice mixer tomorrow night. The speed dating is full, but the mixer is for all!

If not, we shall continue the festivities Sunday afternoon with the wine/cheese pairing at Kirchhoff's/Max's/Doe's!