Tuesday, May 12, 2009


A message to my fellow Oblivians who also live on planet Really, When Did That Happen?:

Stamps cost 44 cents now. And, despite my making a trip to the post office yesterday, on the actual date the rate changed, where there were likely several large, honking signs in my face announcing the increase, I failed to notice them. I went about my business waiting in line for a year musing about peanut butter and my attraction for patent leather and tulips and then, finally, actually mailing a package. I did briefly notice several people ahead of me in line buying two cent stamps. I idly wondered, "Dude, who buys two cent stamps? Get a life."

Yah. The joke's on me and my whole entire purse full of now outdated postage.

I was finally clued to the situation by a Paducah Sun story this morning. I have to admit, those cool Bart Simpson stamps really do pretty much eliminate the sting of the increase.

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