Monday, May 25, 2009

Progress (finally)

After all my 2008 enthusiasm for my office project, I've only now, a full seven months later, finally found the time to return to it. (I love three-day weekends!) The room, once painted, through the months became a dumping ground and occasionally a (very messy) guest room. A place it was easy to close the door and neglect while school, work, disastrous weather, and various other life dramas occupied the better part of my time.

It's still not finished, but the big news is the !CURTAINS! now hanging on a rod I installed myself with the help of my trusty Bosch 10.8 Volt Litheon I-Driver. I got around to unpacking at least four boxes of books that have been languishing in the garage since the move (fully 1.5 years in the past now). The overall clutter factor in the office has been reduced by at least two-thirds. I can now traverse the space without risking injury.

Next up: hanging art and moving in the chair (still in lay-away) I picked up at Feagan's. Let's hope it's not another seven months before I get around to that, but it wouldn't surprise me any.


Suz said...

That's looking good! Did you buy the cool chair that's also a twin sleeper?

Suzanne said...

Yes, I should have mentioned that the chair is a twin sleeper. So the office can still double as a guest room.