Thursday, May 07, 2009

J&K Update: Kate Gosselin responds to the rumors

A subdued and largely unsmiling Kate Gosselin appeared on the Today show this morning. The interview was, ostensibly, to promote her new book, "Eight Little Faces", but Meredith Viera wasted no time addressing what she called "The elephant in the room," asking Gosselin how the couple is coping with "a tough couple of weeks" in light of the most recent reports of Jon Gosselin's purported possible infidelity.

Kate responded by saying she is "hesitant to believe" the rumors and that such tabloid reporting "goes with the territory" of a reality show followed by a firm declaration that she and Jon are handling the matter "privately". Meredith then read aloud a statement from Jon Gosselin that started with alot of stuff about how, once again, his recent actions might not have been wise, but ended with this emphatic, "The bottom line is I did not cheat on Kate."

See a video of the interview here.


Jeanna said...

I, too, am following this story, watching it like the train wreck it is.

Suzanne said...

I didn't want to say anything in my post proper, but since you mentioned it, I'm pretty sure Kate's body language this morning was saying, "I'm going to kill that sumbitch."