Saturday, May 02, 2009

Feel My Pain as well as that of Jon and Kate

Things just haven't been coming together for me lately in terms of a post of any substance.

First, I tossed off a venomous post about Swine Flu. It was acerbic and sarcastic and all about making fun of (what I consider to be) another bout of inappropriately intense, over-the-top news coverage on the situation by the US media. Specifically the post focused on CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta and his roving coverage and updates from Mexico. The piece culminated with an imagined interview by Sanjay of the actual specific Mexican swine (Wilbur) that originated the whole virus. You can imagine, I'm sure.

And then I considered my past history with The Universe. I decided the minute I hit "publish" on that sucker, I'd likely wake up sneezing and feverish, eventually find myself hospitalized, and then, of course, I'd eventually DIE of the virus myself--ha ha! Ultimately, I decided it wise not to tempt the Universe with yet another pitch slow and over the plate.

Soon after that, I ran across a list I'd made a few years ago of my favorite documentary films. I thought it over, added a few more, and decided (in light of my recent "Dear Zachary" viewing)that I'd publish the list as a post. Because, of course, everyone is desperate to know which documentaries are my favorites! I'd make each film title in the list a link to the trailer at YouTube (yah! that's it!). I worked for hours on the post. I viewed and got lost in a ton of trailers and clips and carefully selected only the best pieces to link to. By the time I was finished, I had a good list of probably fifteen films.

It was a Thing of Beauty.

And then, I had another inspiration! At the top of the post, I'd embed the trailer of a movie called "The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing". It's a great little documentary that wonderfully illustrates, through both clips and interviews, just how essential the editing process is to the final product. (Same with writing, in my opinion. But I digress.) I chased down the best clip (the film apparently doesn't have a trailer. Ironic, isn't it?). I go to embed the thing and for some reason? The code just deletes the whole damn post.

Gone (and autosaved)! Just like that!

[Insert blood-curdling scream here.]

I know you fellow bloggers can sympathize.

Otherwise, just for you guys, because I know you are such vultures when in comes to Jon and Kate Gosselin, I stopped in at the magazine rack at Kroger and mooched the whole US article that broke the latest scandal. The piece reiterates what the internet rumor mill has been saying for months: that Jon and Kate are essentially separated but keeping up appearances for the sake of the family and the show.

The latest photo scandal happened outside yet another bar near the couple's home in Pennsylvania. Jon was seen emerging in the wee hours with an unidentified woman. When he realized the cameras were about, he shouted to the woman to hurry and get in the car. Jon said something like, "Give me my coat, babe." I suppose her name could actually be "Babe", but I'm doubting it, aren't you? Jon's official story is that the woman is simply a friend who wanted to test-drive his new car.


The article goes on to claim, again like the internet rumors, that Kate is a complete and total bitch, so heinous that she is estranged from virtually everyone in her life, her own family included. That despite Kate's protests to the contrary, she has a great deal of hired help with the kids and that said hired help and Jon do the majority of the kid-wrangling whilst Kate...well, I don't know. Sits around and is bitchy, I guess.

Saddest of all, the article paints a sorry picture of Jon Gosselin. The piece claims US has interviewed many residents of the community where the Gosselins live who regularly spot him wandering the mall alone or sitting around in dark parking lots of bars (on the hood of his new car) clearly just out wasting time and trying desperately to avoid the press. It states Jon is living separately in an apartment above the couple's garage.

Of course, Kate catches little slack. The press and the public can't seem to forgive her for having morphed into a perfectly coiffed, fit, bronzed, bitchy beauty. While I grant you that, yes, she is frequently bitchy to Jon, sometimes inordinantly so, what woman with eight kids wouldn't be bitchy? Please. Whose life could stand up in the midst of such a ridiculously huge amount of pressure and child rearing and scrutiny? It's like it would all be okay if Kate looked frumpy and unkempt, but all that and looking good? Oh, hell no. What Jon does or doesn't look like isn't an issue, of course.

While all this information could be inaccurate speculation about the Gosselins, I'm afraid it has the ring of truth at least for me. What would you do if you were Jon Gosselin, head of the most popular, cutest family in show business and your marriage fell apart? Leave? I don't think so. The show is clearly the couple's main source of income at this point. You would be trapped and desperate to get away and be anonymous every chance you got. Meanwhile, Kate is left with no options whatsoever, including leaving the house (unless she's on a publicity junket talking about how wonderful her life is) and, PS, she probably shouldn't be looking good either.

The next season of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" premieres on TLC May 25. I have no choice but to be there, still hoping it all somehow, against all odds and evidence to the contrary, works out for the Gosselins. Because you, my readers, insist on it.

Honestly, the things I do for this blog.
[Edited to add: Holy crap! I forgot the most important tidbit about Jon Gosselin. Despite Kate's all organic policy, Jon has been spotted going through drive-thru at Wendy's. Shocking.]

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met said...

I noticed that Jon always managed to be out and about leaving Kate trapped at home with the younguns (a trait most men seem to be born with). And now he's extended his outings into the night-time. But sitting on the hood of his car outside bars? Tacky. Tacky. Shame on Jon. Great post.