Monday, May 25, 2009

Jon and Kate Season premiere: Tonight

KATE: (through her gritted teeth): Keep...smiling....keep...

JON: (through his gritted teeth): I. Hate. You.

KATE: Just a few more minutes...

JON: My face hurts...

KATE: Say it with me:

JON: FYI. I'm going out tonight.

KATE: Still petting the teacher, I presume?

JON: At least I'm not porkin' the hired help. Bitch.
Season premiere tonight, 8pm on TLC

1 comment:

Suz said...

Whatever. I tried to watch an episode of that show. Once. Long ago. Couldn't stand more than a minute.

Not that I'm some kind of superior person who doesn't dig trash TV. To say the least. Just not that particular bit of trash TV.

So, J&K have built up college funds for the kids and been supported by television, and now they will be hotter than ever as Celebs Behaving Badly. It's a career path, I suppose.