Friday, May 08, 2009

Elizabeth Gilbert's TED Talk

YES, it's a twenty minute video and YES, that sort of flies in the face of the "short-n-sweet" generally accepted notion of blog posting, but this talk (like so many TED talks) is so, so worth it. If you're creative at all, and you've ever experienced being "in the zone" or the feeling that your work (when it's good) is coming from somewhere outside yourself, or felt a little afraid of that wacky thing we refer to as "the creative process", you have to see this.

(Elizabeth Gilbert wrote Eat Pray Love)


Anna said...

TED Talks: I hadn't heard of them. This is a brilliant speech. I kind of doubt this writer's book success was the fluke she makes it out to be! Her ideas make me think of a set of frescos in a chapel in Florence, Italy, that I've read about, not seen. It shows the descent of the Holy Spirit on the minds of people. It includes the apostles and prophets but also the great thinkers in science, math, logic, art, music. The image unites the "sacred" and the "secular." The comments I read about it (originally the ideas of John Ruskin) say that all knowledge and every fruitful, original idea comes from the Holy Spirit, whether the person receiving the idea acknowledges or knows that.

Brenda said...

What a GREAT speech! You and I have often talked about this very thing...!