Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Something There to Remind Me

I've just been scooped on the Anna Nicole situation in an e-mail from my Mother. Yes, indeed, it seems, Larry Birkhead IS the father of poor little Dannielynn Smith.

Of course Mom and I had deduced this fact months ago based on a scientific analysis of little Dannielynn's facial structure. It went something like this:

Can you even BELIEVE that Howard Stern is trying to claim he is the father of that child?!

No, I cannot. It's positively ridiculous.

That baby looks JUST LIKE Larry Birkhead

The kid clearly has Larry's face only smaller and more girly.

Well, OBVIOUSLY! I mean, HELLO?!

They could (and should) have called us MONTHS ago and settled this without all that needless drama.

At any rate, maybe I can finally get some sleep around here knowing that poor child has finally been rescued from the clutches of evil, gold-digging Howard Stern.

In more local news, I worked out on the BowFlex tonight for the first time in nearly a week. Why so long you ask? Well, it finally happened. I was: "Down on My Back", a colloquial term that translates to Holy Sh--! Does my back ever HURT! It happened while I was transferring some wet clothes from washer to dryer (not anything even heavy, mind you) when I had the sudden, awful sensation that lightening had struck my lower back.

After the fairly horrendous initial pain passed, I found that, if I kept my back perfectly straight, I had no pain. Bending, however, was a bad bad thing. Just to be safe, I decided to lay off the BowFlex for a while.

Tonight, I'm happy to report, I could still complete my entire workout save for one exercise, that involves bending at the waist and lifting weight. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this whole back thing just keeps on going away. (Please?!)

Overall, I've had a pretty wonderful day. At lunch, some friends and I stopped in at a favorite local nursery where I fed my garden fever by buying a small start of Lantana and something else that I just couldn't say no to:

It makes me unreasonably happy every time I look at it. And reminds me of a show or a movie I saw where some scientists were demonstrating the power of words (it may have been this movie). This is going to sound crazy, but they had affixed various words to containers of water. One container had "love" on it; another "war". Somehow, they showed the the subatomic particles were reacting favorably in the container with "love" on it, and were reacting just the opposite in the container with "war". Whether it was true or not, I don't know, but it was an unforgettable image.

And, anyway, I choose to believe that words are that powerful.

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