Monday, April 09, 2007

A New Old Obsession

So, about six months ago (or more now, actually) I found a bunch of record album frames on sale at Michael's, a franchise art supply store in our newest strip mall. They were only FIVE DOLLARS each, and thinking of Satan's fairly large collection, I tried to interest him in purchasing some and memorializing a few of his favorites.

When I couldn't interest him (he drives me INSANE on purpose by being totally disengaged with anything that doesn't specifically have something to do with his work), I ended up picking up four and thinking we'd get to it some time.

I unearthed them again yesterday and, !again!, could not interest Satan, so I ended up digging through his collection myself.

And can I just say? Oh! What fun!

Check it out (apologies for the bad quality of this shot--major reflection problems):

Most of you will probably recognize those fairly iconic covers. They are (from left): The Divine Miss M (Bette Middler), Santana's Greatest Hits, Loaded (The Velvet Underground), and Layla (Derek and the Dominos). I had a blast selecting these to frame. Satan also has a large Beatles collection that I may frame for a seperate display.

Just as I was getting ready to hike back out of the semi trailer with my treasure (yes! we still have the semi trailer! It's where we keep our albums! Handy!), I came across at least a partial stash of MY OWN record albums from the days of yore.

And so, I have a new project. I'll be picking up more frames in which to display a selection of my favorite album covers and I've decided, tentatively, to paint the two walls of my thus far undecorated bedroom a velvety charcoal gray (the other two walls are exposed brick) and then hang our newly framed album covers. Wee! I hope to document this process in the blog again in order to keep myself motivated. Long time readers will remember my travails painting the family room bright red. It took three coats of paint, and damn near killed me. I'm hoping gray paint and only two walls will prove to be a little less traumatic.

In other news, check out all the celebrities with mental health disorders! Not surprising, really, when you think about it.

Speaking of the seventies, it's my sad duty to bring you up-to-date on our old friend and former seventies heartthrob, Leif (pronounced "Lafe") Garrett. Who can forget that riveting VHS "Behind the Music" episode where Leif was reunited with that poor kid, his best friend, who was permanently crippled in a car crash while riding as a passenger in Leif's car (with Leif at the wheel). That was some serious television, right there.

Anyway, as I may be the last to learn, despite Leif's professed desire on the VH1 BTM episode that he was working to get his life back on track, it looks like he hasn't been too successful, judging by this 2006 mug shot that I ran across today:

I think it's pretty safe to say at this point that Leif has almost certainly not kept away from runaround Sue.

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