Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Right On White!!!


White white white white whiiiiiite!!!

Yah. The fact that I couldn't even get here to GLOAT any sooner than 11:06 PM should give you some indication of just what a busy day I've had. Beyond that, I'm going to randomly take this as a very, VERY good omen of wonderful things to come for myself.


Brenda said...

If you're ever gonna gloat, this is the time to do it...congratulations!

Suz said...

You rule.

We are not worthy.

But be nice to us anyway, OK?

Mary Thorsby said...

Well done! I never would have guessed white. I adore you even more now.

Patience-please said...

The SECOND they walked on the the floor of the neighborhood ball, I said to Bill, "Bizzyville got it!"

I think I spend too much time in blogland.