Thursday, January 15, 2009

Obama Frock

Speculation about who and what Michelle Obama will wear to the inaugural ball has reached what can only be described as a fever pitch, in case you haven't noticed. Everyone from Brian Jennings to Vanity Fair to, of course, Vogue has something to say about it. Meanwhile, Barak's clothing choice barely rates a ripple on the radar screen of fashion.

Personally? I'm starting to feel sorry for the Michelle. I can't remember this must commotion about a dress since Princess Diana got married (and what a cluster-f!ck of a dress that was--ouch). It's been my experience that when expectations are this high, and the build-up this big, it's really, really hard to hit it out of the park.

If all that pressure isn't enough, Michelle is now considered by some the great hope of the US fashion industry. Probably a bit of a dramatization, but. Still.

Despite everything, I'm hopeful. Michelle is, after all, as I am fond of jealously reporting, nearly 6' tall (another similarity to Princess Di, come to think of it), each inch the better to favorably carry off just about anything (as long as it isn't too fussy [see again wedding gown: Princess Di.]). She has the ability to pull of a fabulous look.

Diane von Furstenberg is among those designers in the running and, while I love the D-Von, I don't see Michelle in a print wrap dress on the Big Night. Some are calling for a pill box hat which, while certainly a sentimental favorite, is just a little too obvious for my taste. Parallels to Camelot, while somewhat understandable, are best left to others to draw IMOP. Not to mention, I will personally die if she rolls out in a pill box hat (as some designers are actually suggesting).

But she could, I think, do the subtlest of shout-outs and go for a white gown.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my official prediction. I hesitate to admit it, but I think Michelle's dress will be white. Rest assured? If my prediction is right, you'll never hear the end of it. If not? We'll speak of it no more here.

In other Michelle-related news, you have to read this Op-Ed piece from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal. It seems many people these days suspect a connection between Oprah's recent sudden and oft-reported weight gain and Michelle Obama, of all things.


Brenda said...

White would look great on Michelle, but I'm thinking her frock might be Indigo blue. As for her hat, I'm seeing something in fur, kind of perched at an angle...

Suzanne said...

Ooo...I LOVE some indigo.