Thursday, January 22, 2009

25 Things

I just got finished with a major work event (that went really well) and plan to leave on a weekend getaway in the morning. Even though I am tired beyond words, I just couldn't leave you guys without a post (I may not have wireless access where I'm going--O the humanity!).

I'm killing two birds with one stone by responding to a tag from someplace (not Facebook) from my friend Karen. It's a simple MeMe: write 25 random things about myself. If my 25 don't make any sense, don't look at me--as I don't know if I mentioned--I am extremely tired and may not be at my most coherent.

  1. I have one tattoo--a peace sign on the back of my right shoulder. It matches with two friends, same art, same place. We got them on a trip about ten years ago.
  2. I attended a Fat Elvis concert about 9 months before he died. They did, indeed, say, "Elvis has left the building."
  3. I have a random and deep-seated hatred of Angela Landsbury.
  4. When I was a kid, I read "Gone with the Wind" repeatedly. Sometimes I'd read the last page and then immediately flip back to the first page and start all over again.
  5. My favorite movie is "All that Jazz".
  6. I'm trying to transition from a wardrobe based mostly on black to a wardrobe based mostly on chocolate brown. It's not going very well.
  7. If a song comes on the radio that I know a loved one really likes but that I hate? I feel compelled to listen to it anyway out of respect.
  8. I don't think Oswald acted alone.
  9. I hated the Beatles until I was twenty-one years old and then realized they were genius; I think I was over-served the music growing up since me and the group arrived on US soil the same year.
  10. I've been watching competitive ice skating almost my whole life. I think Oxana Baiul is the greatest skater I've ever seen. Also, possibly the craziest.
  11. I was a really good jacks player.
  12. I continue to worry about Barak Obama. he eating right, he looks tired, will he be okay, etc.
  13. I hate clowns.
  14. Paducah is a relatively small town and at most every restaurant I have a dish that I order. I rarely deviate. They call me Rainman (time for Wapner).
  15. My hiking boots are my favorite shoes.
  16. Work is extremely important to me.
  17. I am really close friends with Satan's other ex-wife.
  18. The only thing that scares Satan, he said once, is the thought that I might write a book. That would, in some fashion, include him. I wouldn't put it passed me.
  19. Major turn-off: People that are rude to wait staff.
  20. I went to a fundamental Baptist school for the 4th through the 9th grade. I haven't been to church since. (This is kinda cheating since I've already blogged that but 25 things is a lot of things. And it's late.)
  21. This one time? I was at a bar and I was a smoker back then, and this guy was talking to my friend and I thought he was being rude to her. I was sitting at a table on a level higher than he was standing and he had his back to me. And so I started ashing my cigarette in his hair. Apparently, he had alot of product in his hair because it would flame up each time my ash hit it. Alarmingly so. It was highly gratifying to both my friend and I that his hair was totally flaming up every minute or so and he had no idea what was going on. I suppose I could have burnt him alive. But, then again, don't be a jackass, you know?
  22. Are we only on number 22? REALLY?
  23. Okay, OKAY, so I'm on Facebook.
  24. This Tony Montana quote: All I have in this world is my balls and my word and I don't break them for no one. Do you understand? is sort of my unnoffical motto. Even though I don't have balls.
  25. This blog? Has changed my life.

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