Tuesday, January 13, 2009

As the Stomach Turns

[Note to reader: Refer to this post for the full back story on this situation.]

Oh, you guys. It goes on. Sometimes it's just plain embarrassing to live here.

The latest Letter to the Editor of the Paducah Sun was published in the Monday, January 12th issue:

Column about cohabitation uncharacteristic of Sun


I too am offended, along with many others, by the article in your newspaper about the “cohabiting for economy’s sake” promoting the actions of two of your staff. It’s apparent your editors have no understanding of the predominant morals of this community, but one thing I know you do understand and that is money. If you continue to publish such articles as this you will lose many subscriptions, mine included.

Your policies are probably not dictated by letters such as this, since it is only a letter to the editor. I would direct your attention to another publication that should establish your policies. It is called “The Holy Bible,” and you will not find such actions commended anywhere in its pages.

I do not know the young couple mentioned above so I cannot be disappointed in them, but I have known The Paducah Sun for many, many years, and I am sorely disappointed in you and the direction you have tried to take this readership. Shame on you.

Clint Horton

Now the Sun is accused of publishing a column about cohabitation by the conservative Mr. Horton of Benton. Mr. Horton directs our attention to THE HOLY BIBLE that he feels the Sun should use as a policy manual. Wow. I would think Sun employees would get really tired of offering goats as a sacrifice to The Lord as well giving up pork barbecue, but that's just me.

(I'm guessing gay marriage is out of the question?)

It's incredible that people like Clint Horton are still out there thinking that everyone should, for some reason, adhere to their moral code up to and including the local newspaper. As I said in my last post on the subject, I heartily support Mr. Horton's right to make his own moral choices and wish that he (and others like him) could extend the same courtesy to the rest of the world.

Beyond that, perhaps there is some value in the Sun making a decision about just what sort of paper it's going to be. Will it be a newspaper with turn-of-the-century values and a serious case of arrested development? Or a realistic publication of progress that reflects the world as it really is. Given that population decline continues (she said again) to plague the area and the shortage of young, educated professionals (exactly like Luthy and Shull) reflects that, is there really a choice other than progress?

The Sun published another installment by the couple in Sunday's paper. Hopefully, the series will continue. And the letters won't.


Kristin said...

Actually, if you want to get technical about the Biblical views on cohabitation Mary (Jesus' Mom) was a 14-year old unwed mother. Prostitution was legal (the two prostitutes got an audience with Soloman about splitting the baby and had legal rights to bring their case to him). The greatest king of Israel was David who saw a woman he wanted to have sex with, committed adultery and had her husband killed - all the while married, himself. King Soloman had 700 wives and 300 concubines. And, when I read the New Testament, the message I get is Jesus preaching on love, tolerance, acceptance... In John 8 the woman about to be stoned was an adulteress. He uttered the famous line...let you who is without sin cast the first stone.

Suzanne said...

Thanks, Kristin. Too true. It's also really in there that one should not eat anything with a cloven hoof and that the Big Guy prefers animal sacrifices to vegetable.

Oh, and Judge not lest ye be judged. Just sayin'

Ghost Writer said...

Actually Mary was not an unwed mother. The betrothal in her time was the same as marriage in our day. It was binding and for life. Mary was a virgin that was pregnant by the Holy Spirit therefore this is not the same as sex outside of marriage. Soloman did have many wives and concubines but if you read the true story you will see that the Lord did not condone this. David and his children suffered the consequences of his poor decision for generations. The Lord disciplined David and all his family was judged to die by the sword and have discord among his children. Jesus promotes love and acceptance but he does say to the adultress go and sin no more. The Lord has a better way for us to live. Who among us does not have regrets about sex outside of marriage. I know many will not readily admit it. In all my private conversations with people I have yet to meet one that did not regret that decision. We must keep the Bible passages and stories in context in order to know the real truth.

Suzanne said...

Well, Ghost Writer, let me be the first to tell you that extra marital sex is some of the best sex I've ever had.

No regrets.

Woo! I am one wild and crazy girl.

Ghost Writer said...

Actually it is Cindy, not Ghost Writer. The comment picked up on my blog name and would not let me put my name in the space.

Suzanne said...

Hi Cindy. Yes, I tracked back on the comment and thought that was you.