Monday, January 12, 2009

Photo Speak

Lisa Marie: Like, Oh My God, Mom, it’s the f!cking Pizza Pappy again!

Priscilla: Paparazzi, Lisa Marie, Paparazzi.

Lisa Marie: Yah, that too.

Priscilla: You know what to do!

Lisa Marie: But, MOOOOM! I’m not as good at passing for a wax statue as you are!

Priscilla: Just stare into the camera lenses and think about sucking their blood. Works every time.

Lisa Marie: Whatever, Mom. I’m just gonna do Pouty Elvis Lips ™.

Priscilla: Oh, all right dear. But whatever you do can you at least hold that Coach bag in front of your hips? That’s why we got it, remember?

Lisa Marie (Bitch.)


Brenda said...

Ha ha ha...!!! I'd bet you are darn close to exactly what was being said!

Rhonda said...

That's funny! I agree with Brenda.

Suz said...

Good one!