Thursday, January 29, 2009

A post card from the pit of hell (Otherwise known as the Paducah Ice Storm)

Oh. My. God. Ya'll.

It is bad, so bad, here in Paducah. I am, at this moment, reveling in the light and warmth of a downtown office where they have power and EVERYTHING. This is in stark contrast to my house where there has been no electric power since 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon. I finally managed to leave my house this morning for the first time since the disastrous weather struck. My cell phone is mostly useless since AT&T was apparently obliterated, so if you've been trying to call, know I'm largely unreachable--but still alive.

Crews from Alabama and Georgia are here assisting our overwhelmed power companies; I saw many unfamiliar power trucks out and about on the drive downtown and they were a welcome site indeed.

I will post photos of the devastation when I have more time.

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Suz said...

OMG!! Thanks for the news and pictures. Congrats on finding a place with power and an internet connection.

Just be sure you finish that French toast, kid.

And that the dogs finish theirs too.