Saturday, November 29, 2008

Recycling Gone Wrong

So riddle me this: What's more upsetting than finding your puppy in the hallway with a fresh turd, a big stink, and a somewhat guilty look?

Why, that would be returning to the same hallway a few seconds later, TP in hand, only to find the aforementioned puppy, fast-fading stink, and the merest of faint smears where the offending doo-doo used to be. And, no, my puppy isn't bewitched. Although, the first time it happened? I have to admit I wondered.

No, the truth is something infinitely more upsetting. The truth is that my fluffy little cotton ball has taken to eating her own excrement.

That's right. Tallulah Priscilla: sh!teater.

Oh my god, ya'll, I was so KIDDING when I used to refer to her late summer diarrhea poo's as "chocolate soft serve"! Me and my smart-assed blog mouth! (Mommies: we blame ourselves for everything, don't we?)

Of course, by now I've surfed the web and become a lay expert on the subject of puppy poo eating. Turns out, the condition is not as far fetched or uncommon as one might think (even though the fastidious FurGirl wouldn't DREAM of such a sacrament). There are a few explanations for the behavior the most likely of which, by my calculations, is a) the desire to keep the accident a secret and or b) (apologies in advance) she thinks it tastes good.

I'm leaning toward "b" in Tallulah's case given that she is usually pretty unconcerned about defying me, and the fact that she is a VORACIOUS eater to say the least. She regularly devours her breakfast and dinner in under fifteen seconds. In fact, to the untrained eye, if one were to see Tallulah eating with no other information, they would likely assume her life just might depend on frantically devouring every single morsel as quickly as possible. Tallulah falls onto her food with a reckless abandon that would tend to indicate it's been 12 days rather than 12 hours since her last meal. Knowing Tallulah? Probably where we see poo-poo, she sees only slightly processed dinner, ripe for the savoring a second glorious time.

We're working on it.


Kristin said...

We have to keep the litter boxes cleaned out otherwise Daisy thinks they are "snack trays." No fun chasing a cat turd out of a Beagle's mouth. Hang in there!

Suzanne said...


Landee said...

I truly almost had a freakin' cuteness overdose when I saw this pup.