Friday, November 07, 2008

Wall Design

I'm a little hesitant to pass along a link to Wall Design, a French company that specializes in wall decals. I hesitate because the site, with its interactive tool that allows one to create their own wall graphic(s) from an endless array of sophisticated styles in a bewildering assortment of colors (not to mention letters, god help us), means over-thinkers such as me can spend. Well. Let's just say. Hours. Mocking up the possibilities.

If you have a specific space in mind for your design, and convert the length and width of said space from feet to meters, you can enter these dimensions into the visualizer and tailor your cyber design to the EXACT specifications you need (under the "Model Your Wall" feature). Wall Design drops your graphics into a shopping cart as you work and once you adjust the decal(s) to the exact design and color of your liking, simply convert euros to dollars and head to the check-out. Although, if you're anything like me? This could take years.

I'm heavy in the design mode right now because I'm knee deep in remodeling my home office. Expect a post chronicling this process soon. When I tell you it took upwards of two weeks for me to select a paint color, you may come closer to understanding why wall graphics could well drive me 'round the bend.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

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Bruce Gardner said...

Good color for a home office. About what I am looking at now. Promotes creativity, but also peaceful, which allows for muct wasted time surfing and goofing off in addition to work.