Thursday, November 06, 2008

Saying "yes" to The Dress

Okay, so the election is over, the right guy got elected, and thank God, nobody is disputing the vote count. I think I've waited long enough to move on to my next subject:

Just what do I think about Michelle Obama's election night dress?

You'll have to give me a little credit, here, for having waited a decent interval to weigh in on the subject. The blogosphere, ever shallow, has been abuzz about the Narciso Rodriguez original (from his Spring '09 collection) ever since Obama appeared in it Tuesday night. Michelle paired the dress with a cardigan, kitten heels, and, obviously, a dark slip to tone down the lacy bottom.

According to a poll posted on fashion critic Elizabeth Snead's LA Times blog, the general consensus on the dress is about half-and-half. About as many voters like it as don't. Snead, herself, thinks the ensemble looked like a "Halloween costume".

Harsh words indeed.

Personally, I was wowed by the look. I thought the dress was figure flattering and bold and a great relief from the same-old same-old suit that, these days, not only candidates have to endure, but often the spouses of candidates feel compelled to choose. Obama really made this look work, I thought, though at 5' 10" tall, she can, admittedly, pull off frocks many of us vertically challenged types cannot. Overall, the look was pulled together, flattering, arresting and, apparently a bold choice though I wouldn't have thought so when I saw it Tuesday. My impression at that point was just, wow, she looks great (and at ease).

In any case, this is good news for the US fashion industry, no matter your personal opinion of the Mrs. Obama's style. Michelle Obama is definitely not going to be a fashion snooze-fest like Laura Bush, and this will, happily, also give us armchair Mr. Blackwells something to talk about.

Form your own opinion, if you haven't already, by scrolling through a selection of Michelle Obama's recent looks compiled by the LA Times. (I think she's spot-on except for that white suit which is a little shapeless.)


Laura K said...

I love it! I hope she continues to give the "armchair Mr. Blackwell's (RIP)" something other than the boring suit standard to talk about!


Suz said...

I didn't love it, thought it looked like an awkwardly wrapped package with that black satiny business across her middle in front. Or maybe the front part of a cool glitzy dress patched into a black satin something or other. All 6 women in the room with me that evening agreed - it was just, well, more of a miss than a hit.

I'm pulling for her to have a lot more hits than misses on the fashion front because she's tall and attractive and probably a designer's dream client. Go, Michelle!

Mary Thorsby said...

Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Rock on, Mz O!