Sunday, November 23, 2008

For the Boys...(and possibly the girls, depending.)

The new Guitar Hero commercial featuring super model, and Project Runway host and co-creater, Heidi Klum, was all over the internet this weekend. It's a take-off on the "Risky Business" scene that featured the music of Bob Seger that Tom Cruise famously originated back in the day. And, while Tom certainly did a fine job of it, it's hard to think Heidi doesn't just flat kick its ASS about twice as hard.

I love Heidi. I love that she went right ahead and had her first child after the baby's father, her jackass boyfriend whose name we won't speak, dumped her and then she just got up and fell right on into True Love with Seal and had two more babies all the while keeping up her Project Runway shooting schedule, marching down the Victoria's Secret runway, developing her own jewelry line and just being all around fabulous. And, oh, she can sing too!

The first video is the G-Rated version, the second the Director's Cut. Three kids later? The Body shows no sign of fading.

Go ahead. Start your Monday off right, why doncha?


Laura K said...

I love how the second one is rated "teen".

Ummm, OK.

Suzanne said...

Oh, yah, bra/panties and boob shaking! Controversial!