Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Singalong

I'm going to quit posting videos, I really am, because that's not really what I'm about here, but...bear with me for one more?

Because, this one is just a great way to start your day (it's how I started my day) or a the perfect excuse to take a break and have a little sing along. I ask you, who doesn't need a little John Lennon interlude? I mean...who do you think you are; a superstar? Well, right you are!

Also, a word about Yoko, who appears in this video wearing a gauze blindfold and knitting a sweater. Clearly, the thing wouldn't have worked without her (ahem). As a young person I was among the Yoko haters as in--what is she doing there? What's the matter with her? What is John thinking? She broke up the Beatles...blah, blah.

But then I grew up a little and saw "Imagine" and grew up some more and lived through a few relationships and now when I see her hanging around I'm just impressed that John cared so deeply for his wife that he wanted her there all the time. Even if she is knitting a sweater blindfolded. Maybe especially if she's knitting a sweater blindfolded. 'Cause I don't care what anybody says--that's love.

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