Friday, August 08, 2008

You might be a shop-a-holic if.... leave work for a minute to grab a burger and come back with these:

I can't even believe they are Clarks, normally a brand that not only doesn't fit me well (too narrow), but that I also consider very boring-old-lady. These Mary Janes are from the Artisan collection which, while not across-the-board hip or anything, does offer some fairly fresh alternatives that are pretty darn cute.

Best of all, one can walk in them as in actually cover some serious ground without developing a major foot bleed.

I wore mine out of the store, back to work, and then out all night. SO comfortable.

Get them twenty percent off from the super nice folks at the Ground Floor. Also available there in a shade somewhere between brown and oxblood (along with the basic black color that I bought).


On an entirely different note, it seems good old John Edwards has finally admitted his affair with Rielle Hunter.

Gee. That's a shock.

The indiscretion between Edwards and Hunter has been the worst kept secret on the interweb for upwards of eight months now.

I guess I forgot to mention in my post urging him to come clean back in mid-December that he should admit it like, uh...NOW...rather than waiting until he is photographed holding what may or may not be his child in a hotel after midnight (oh no, not suspicious at all), and then chased down and treed in the hotel bathroom by bloodthirsty National Enquirer reporters who, as everybody knows, are actually genetically half blood hound to begin with. They don't get tired. They get the story.

Maybe he thought for a while he could wait until his member was actually photographed INSIDE HER FRONT BUTT before the situation actually warranted a confession.

Whatever his rationalizations, they are all now officially beside the point.

His confession is by now is just another comma in a very long run-on sentence of doom for Edwards.

If it is true that he confessed the (supposedly already concluded) affair to wife, Elizabeth, (currently in the midst of a relapse of her breast cancer for God's sake) back in 2006, why then did he keep up the rapidly unraveling charade of innocence with the press to the point of complete and utter ridiculousness?

Ambition, for one thing. I suspect he held out some hope for selection as Obama's running mate. As if that camp is going anywhere near a guy who practically had a visible cloud of philandering guilt gas billowing about him, ala Pig Pen, for the better part of a year (all the while continuing to emphatically deny).

Or maybe? It wasn't really over with Hunter back on '06.

My money is on a combination of the two. To me the whole story about someone else in the Edwards camp (a married someone else at that) taking responsibility for the Hunter pregnancy whiffs of the seriously unlikely.

Edwards' admission in perhaps the ultimate case of too little too late.

Strike One: The affair. Bad, but not necessarily deadly.

Strike Two: The sick wife. Very bad.

Strike Three: Denial to the point of lunacy.

(The spawn.)

(But wait.....I CONFESS!!!! And, uh, the baby is, uh, someone else's!!! Yah, that's it!)

As a good friend of mine is fond of intoning at time such as these:

Game over. Drive home safe.

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Ha ha ha..."photographed INSIDE HER FRONT BUTT!"