Sunday, August 03, 2008


It seems to me as though I've got a lot going on right now. I did lots of shopping and running around and eating of pizza this weekend and, to my horror, totally forgot about a social engagement I had earlier tonight. I have no excuse for myself.

Definitely the high point of the weekend was Tallulah's homecoming. I wasn't scheduled to pick her up until next Wednesday, her 8-week birthday, but I called the breeder Saturday, and she agreed that it would be preferable for me take her home a few days early at a time (the weekend) when I could spend some uninterrupted days with her.

The picture I post here absolutely does not do her cuteness justice. And I mean not at all. Talullah is a darling puppy with a temperament as sweet as her little face. Or so far it is, anyway. I realize, as a terrier, she will likely morph into a demanding little hellion diva at any moment, but so far, she shows absolutely no sign of such a tendency.

The puppy spends much of her time curled up napping on the back of the couch behind my head. She spent her first night huddled in the bed and neither toileted or woke me once. She likes to be carried everywhere and will content herself for long periods of time gnawing on a chewy. She isn't eating much, but she does eat. I can only imagine how big and strange this new world seems to her. Still, she only cries when she needs to potty or sometimes when she feels abandoned.

And she isn't abandoned very often. I'm not sure I can bear to leave her to go to work in the morning and am not absolutely certain I'll be able to resist the urge to just scoop her up and take her with me. She is a tiny little thing, after all, and could potentially be stowed in a small crate under my desk (I tell myself).

FurGirl is not a "puppy" kind of a dog, but she does show some interest in Talullah (especially when she thinks no one is looking). FurGirl has so far given the puppy some experimental sniffs and I've caught her watching Talullah play with more than a passing interest.

FurGirl in general tends to shy away from small dogs and will go to great pains to avoid them all together. It all just makes her nervous. But I still do think there is some hope for a more than a toleration relationship to develop between the two. Earlier tonight, as Tallulah slept on the couch back, she began whimpering in her sleep and FurGirl jumped up and stared at the baby with a look of total concern.

I think they will eventually become very good friends.


Brenda said...

Tallulah is adorable!

Suz said...

Congratulations on your new little furball. She is so cute! And so little. I suspect that Fur Girl, the big softie, will be won over pretty soon.

What kind of terrierist will Tallulah (love that name) grow up to be?

Keep us posted, with pics too!

Bubble Girl said...

She is the kind of cute that makes one want to just pet and love and gobble her up!

Nikki D. May said...

We wondered what happened to you last night! You missed some good wine and food and company!