Sunday, August 17, 2008

Case Clothed

I was delighted to discover Case Clothed, the blog of Laura Bennett, a Season 3 contestant on Project Runway.

Laura was a stand-out to me not only because of her personal fabulousness (porcelain skin, trademark bright red lipstick and oodles of personal style) and designing ability, but if that isn't enough, the woman is a fortysomething-aged mother of SIX children.

And I don't mean six grown-up children, either. During her stint on Runway, at least one of her children was an actual toddler. Bennett was pregnant with her sixth child during the taping of her season on the show. Only Laura's eldest child is a girl.

Right. That's five boys to date.

When competing on Runway, the rapidly expanding Bennett ultimately made it to the final three at Olympus Fashion week, but didn't win it all. I sort of think she should have won just becase...damn. You know?

Don't get me wrong, Laura is a bit different than you and me, she employs not one but two "mannies" (the male version of a nanny), enjoys an incredible apartment in Manhattan (she can see the Empire State Building from her window), and escapes to a 14-acre Massachusetts country house on the weekends.

Still, she's passed on numerous offers for her own reality show in favor of quality family time according to this piece in the Boston Globe published late last year. Instead, like Season 1 winner Jay McCarroll and Season 2 winner Chloe Dao, she's opted to sell a version of her designs on QVC , has launched a line of maternity wear, and is working with Runway's sainted Tim Gunn to develop a game show based on fashion.

Laura's blog focuses on the challenges of looking fabulous while child wrangling--a subject in which she is obviously personally well-versed. Her posts also feature delightful custom illustrations by artist Robert Best.

A great little mommy blog from a truly inspiring fashionista.

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