Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tipster Tuesday: Additionally Primed and Ready

Today's reader tip comes to us from self-admitted Neurotic Grad student, Dominique:

I took this beauty secret as a challenge and thought about it all evening. I tried to come up with something that was life altering. And here's my story. One trip to the Benefit counter at my local Macy's store and I was hooked on f.y...eye! primer. (I'm noticing a theme. Primer love!)

Okay, here's the deal. You put eyeshadow on in the morning, but if you live anywhere like I live, around this time of year, the humidity is insane and you find yourself sweating, er, glistening in a rather unattractive way. By early afternoon, all the shadow has flaked off. Or, worse, it has settled into the oily creases of your eyelids. The shame. The horror.* A base of f.y...eye! and your eyeshadow does not flake off and it doesn't settle into the creases. Your shadow stays ALL DAY. I'm not exaggerating the benefits (no pun intended) of this product. Another plus is that it's an investment, but it allows you to buy less expensive eyeshadow. No need for the fancy stuff when you have a primer on! Plus, if you are lazy, just a nice coat of f.y...eye! can serve as a perfectly acceptable evening out of your eyelids and you don't need to apply eyeshadow.

I can't believe I just wrote a glowing review of a makeup product.

I must admit, I am intrigued at the thought of a lid primer. I used to prime mine with concealer back in the days when I was a bit more patient and even that helped make my shadow color go on more "true" and stay put longer. "Benefit" is yet another great line not available locally. Thank heaven for interweb shopping. Get it here for $22 plus shipping.

Also, some follow-ups on previous tips:

From LauraK (currently finding her way):
[Hempz Lotion is] Also available at Green Turtle Bay Health and Fitness Center. This stuff is environmentally friendly and smells a-maz-ing! I love it.

Also, a road test of the Smashbox Primer from reader Christa (who is soon, we hope, to reactivate her blog):

Update. I got my new Smashbox primer yesterday. I put it on under my makeup today, and there is a noticeable difference in the smoothness of my skin. It also feels very soft and non-greasy. There is very little difference, however, in the size of my pores. (They’re still enormous.) Just thought you’d like to have my quasi-professional opinion on such matters.

Incidentally, they were out of the regular size, and I was only able to order the purse size. It was $17. The good thing is it only takes a pea sized drop for your entire face.

I give it 4/5 stars.


A Bizzyville supersnap to all of you've who have thus far submitted tips, suggestions and reviews. Please let me know if you have additional input on suggestions you see here or road test something based on my recommendation--I want your feedback be it good or bad. Find my e-mail address under my profile.


*[Editor's Note: Sing it, sister!]


Laura K said...

...currently finding her way. ha! too funny. I should change the name every week. It could be my schtick.


keena said...

I take detailed notes on all the makeup tips now that I am really really old. What a good idea. Since right now I don't wear makeup at all, being alone in the middle of a high desert, I mainly need like skin care tips. My only contribution to all this is STAY OUT OF THE SUN. Also, Aveeno Continuous Radience moisturizing lotion, gives one the illusion of having been kissed by the sun, a self tanner if you will. It doesn't smell or feel icky like you just put suntan lotion on. AVeeno active naturals sunblock protection for face, SPF 70, no less. Very great. I'm here today gone tomorrow according to the whims of my computer. Love. Christina