Thursday, August 07, 2008

Tallulah's Day Out

Today was a very big day. I had to go to the vet's for my first check-up. For a while I waited on the big silver table by myself.

It was lonely.

Then my friend, Dash, showed up. He is a mess. He makes bad pooties. Like, constantly.

My Mommy is not Dash's Mommy. She told some people she was, though. She thinks that is funny.

The vet lady came in and she gave me a "puppy check". I had to do all kinds of strange things like this you see here. Sometimes she made me hop on one foot.

I didn't cry, though.

I'm a brave girl.

The she looked in my eyeballs in the dark.

I'm not scared of the dark.

The vet lady told Mommy I'm okay.

Then I went to Mommy's work and peed on the City Clerk's carpet. It made me think of Dash when I did it. But, the City Clerk said she didn't mind. She just cleaned it up.

Then I came back to Mommy's office and went to sleep on her work sweater.

Then this guy came to see me. He scooped me up and talked about something called the "Quilt Shoe". Mommy lets me sleep on her quilt sometimes. His shirt smelled good. And he didn't care that I chewed up his pen.

Then I hadda go home.


[Editor's note: I'm fairly certain this will be my last post of this type. I'm at least fifty point five percent sure this blog will not go to the dogs entirely. I can't be completely certain, however. Being as I'm the Mommy of the cutest puppy on earth.

(Oh, and FurGirl).]

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Laura K said...

You must stop. Can't stand the cuteness!