Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Weekend Recap One Day Late

The Friday night excitement was yet another trip to the sushi den, this time with a HUGE group that let me eat off their plates (just call me Helen Keller). I was able to sample the mackerel (too fishy), the volcano mussels (yummy but could stand some heat), green tea ice cream (delish), a giant creamy white slab of raw octopus (tasty, I swear) some kind of soup and a touch of Saki (but not too much as I was the designated driver). The love affair continues.

I began my Saturday morning in Lowertown enjoying a warm pomegranate tea at Etcetera while I waited for my nine o’clock appointment. I was fortunate to see lots of familiar faces and, when my appt didn’t show on time, it just so happened that the next person thru the door had his cell phone number making it possible for me to call and remind him, thus salvaging the whole meeting plan. How sweet is that?

Paducah. You gotta love it sometimes.

Saturday night was my friend Mary’s birthday and the girl party convened at Christa’s house where, once AGAIN, she outdid herself with a dinner of stuffed pork loin, candied carrots, scalloped potatoes and, for dessert, chocolate praline cake with HEAVENLY layers of real whipped cream in between.

We enjoyed the raciest possible dinner conversation. And then after that the perfect Wayne and Garth moment in the car when together we belted out a rousing version of Tempted when the song popped up unexpectedly in my CD rotation (what we lacked in timbre we made up for in enthusiasm). Then it was on to the play house where we met up with no less than two other party contingents for Wii, foosball, and wild irresponsible consumption of adult beverages.

Sunday I was treated to a soothing delicious batch of chicken and dumplings, the best I ever ate to be honest, and a marathon movie watching session. This is, trust me, the perfect way to spend the day after.

Someone asked me what it was like to be single and on my own again. I found myself answering, almost without thinking,

“It’s like…um…one big…slumber party?”

I said it just like that with a question mark at the end.

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Patience-please said...

I misread "a soothing delicious batch of chicken and dumplings" as "a soothing delicious bath of chicken and dumplings" and what's wrong with me, it sounded nice and comfy!!!

Glad you enjoyed an enviably nice weekend (sans the big raw octopus goo, sorry)-