Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Very Special Capricorn

Happy Birthday, baby boy!

In other news, after completely spazing out about unpacking and decorating my living room and kitchen areas as if it was my final mission as a live person on earth, I’m now officially breezily ignoring the disasters that are my bedroom and guest rooms. These rooms have doors (I seem to have realized)! I can close them (I seem to have further realized)! And so I do. Problem solved!

(Dear Lord: Please help me to stop handing out exclamation points like prenatal vitamins at the Spears Family Reunion.)

So, yes, disastrous bedrooms. Still. I’ve even developed a technique when taking people on the tour. I just sort of wave my hand in the direction of the incredible mess while rolling my eyes exactly like Valerie Bertinelli in her latest Jenny Craig commercial when she dismisses her fat “before” photo.

Val and I, we’re just so over these situations.

Otherwise, while visiting a friend earlier, I managed to fall both up and then down a half flight of unfamiliar stairs at her place. Yes, up AND down. Falling up was certainly embarrassing, but falling down ten minutes later? Hello? Might have thought to use caution?

However, every time I think of it now, and how I must have actually looked as if I’d been launched from a cannon when I came shooting into their family room from the upstairs, I get a case of hysterical giggles imagining the scene.

“Hysterical” being the operative word in that sentence


ChristaD said...

Valerie Bertinelli! Hahahaha!

boshamsmom said...

One must realize it is a special talent to fall up stairs (anyone can fall down them). Do not feel alone as I also posess this talent which comes to life at the most unfortunate moments. Hang in there.

monica said...

Hey! You're back. Or maybe I'm back. So glad your still posting. I've got some scrolling down to do.

Sorry I didn't get to chat the other day. What are the odds, I've had something like two appointments there!

Let's get together sometime. Did I mention that I got Nikki hooked on Taboo? I'm seeing sushi take out and a wicked taboo challenge in your future. Eh?

Patience-please said...

Well to make up for the falling up and down, I gave you an award! A blog award! It's a nice little award and I hope it brings a smile.

Patience the blog award awarder

Brenda said...

Yes, a VERY special Capricorn!

keena said...

please tell me chase's bithdate and address-love the couch

Suzanne said...

Taboo AND sushi? Are we allowed to have that much fun?!?! Count me IN.

Suz said...

". . . prenatal vitamins at the Spears Family Reunion" -- oh THANK you for that giggle!

Damn, you're good.

And your baby boy is cute too.

Um, you've been in that place, what - two, three weeks? And working some of that time? And it even *occurs* to you to be apologetic that all the rooms aren't ready for prime time TV?

You are obviously in some way advanced state of domestic evolution. A state which is barely known to slobs such as me. I usually just sit in slack-jawed admiration of you superior beings. And your furniture.