Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Recap

I had a lovely day. I got the lunch invite from an aspiring top chef. Peanut crusted chicken and double chocolate brownies for dessert. It was all to die for.

My friends and family are making it very difficult for me to waste away on the Divorce Diet. Last week it was crazy delicious homemade lasagna (and more Wii!) and I think I mentioned the Friday night sushi binge (which, incidentally, was followed by a major shopping spree—I was more than happy to tag along and encourage expensive purchases).

I have to mention that “The Kite Runner”, a book I’m listening to in my car, is just an amazing read (listen?). I don’t know why I’ve avoided the book up to now; Khaled Hosseini is a kick a$$ writer (damn him!). I always consider it a special treat when an audio book is read by the author and this one is. I am on disk three and have already experienced several driveway moments.

And, speaking of driveway, thanks to some recent technical assistance, I now have the ability to open and close my garage door by using my remote opener like normal people. Can I just say that rolling into your garage and closing it with the push of a button is such a VIP experience? I swear, I feel just like a celebrity with the rock star parking, even if it is at my own house. It will be months, and possibly even years, before I get over this particular thrill. Also, as someone who spent a considerable amount of time experiencing top floor living, it is totally awesome to park my car darn near in my kitchen.

Poor FurGirl has, since the move, been doing without her toys, most particularly, she has been doing without her baby, Number Five, the stuffed Serta sheep. And, yes, this all my fault. Color me insensitive, but I sort of forgot to pack the toys.
This situation was happily rectified just yesterday when FurGirl was reunited with Number Five. I wish I could have captured the exact moment on film. Much doggie happiness ensued.

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Tim said...

So I guess counting sheep didn't work for the insomnia either? Somewhere, I have a 45-min yoga nidra (yogic sleep) CD pretty much guaranteed to knock you out cold (even though you are supposed to stay awake through it). If I can find it, I'll make you a copy. Problem is, it has been MIA for the better part of two years now.