Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Nightmare Continues...

["People are killing each other."]
[Edited to add: I found these pictures of the chaos posted yesterday by the BBC]

Another chilling message from my friends at Project AIDS Orphan.

This is the latest message from David Okongo:

Hi Ndugu (brother,Paul),

Thank you for your prayers. Actually i did not sleep. I was awake and hoping to die because there is no where to go. Justine was trembling, we could not eat,the power went off. Martin was affected, Billy was there. Susan and Joshua are in Nakuru. We cannot reach them. A friend Kikuyu called me to be safe. A group of ladies came to my house fearing the attach. I had some men who could not be in town came to our house. We pray hoping we will be safe. Many people who saw the TV were concerned and called. Life is very precious.

I only wish this killings will stop. Today Thy are saying will come to the farm to evict those who have displaced here! Just pray


It continues to be simply beyond my comprehension that, in this world, right now, a gentle soul like David Okongo and his wife and family along with countless others are in danger of being burned or chopped to bits with a machete for ANY reason, much less that they are a member of one tribe or another. I can only hold this concept in my head for a short time before it makes me cry. I cannot imagine what it means to actually live through such horrible times.

Please, please pray this brutal fate does not befall these wonderful people. Please, if you have any contacts or influence that could help, e-mail me.


Brenda said...

My prayers are ongoing...

Stephanie said...

May God be with them. What a sad world we live in. I will be praying.

monica said...

It is sad but this afternoon I was awestruck to hear of how aquaintances of ours in Kenya, regular family men some with little ones and some with grown kids, are risking their lives to convoy in ther vehicles into the craziness and load up David, Justine and his kids and anyone else who can fit in. There was talk of hiring armed guards and even taking in an ambulance (okay not like in the US, but more like a subaru-type car that has medical stuff in the back and a place to lie down). This is what good people do for each other and I am blown away.

Patience-please said...

Please let there be some hope.