Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tipster Tuesday: It's Baaaaack!

Just when you thought I'd fallen off the face of the earth, right?

As promised way back when, I offer up my favorite serum. In case you missed the post that shook the blog, serum is one of the new generation must-have skin products. And, although I'm certainly far from having perfect skin (quite the opposite in fact), I do know a good product when I slather it on. I love Primordial Cell Defense from Lancome. I don't know how this stuff works, but it does visibly improve the quality of your skin, in my case, without irritation (and I'm sensitive).

Not sure why they call it "primordial", I'm doubting that it sprung forth from the earth at the dawn of time. It's priced as if it did, though, at $64 per ounce.

Remember, if you do want to try this product and don't for some reason like it you can and should return it. I think women are conditioned to suck up the price of make-up and beauty products that don't, for whatever reason, work for us. Remember: you don't have to. Virtually every major line will refund or give you an equivalent exchange if you return the unused portion. And it's usually a full refund.


Moving on.

On the other end of the scale, my pick for a gentle daily mini-peel is another new comer to the must-have products for the skin care inventory. Olay Regenerist Daily Mini Peel . Available at your neighborhood drugstore or Walmart, this product is both strangely satisfying and totally addictive. It squirts into your hand as a light blue cream with some gentle cleansing grit incorporated, and the stuff somehow actually heats up when it makes contact with your damp face.

I know. It's weird. But, trust me, it really feels good and it's oh so satisfying to know that it is gently burning off the dead skin cells to reveal the newer, dewier skin beneath. Unlike the serum, it can be had for less than $20.

Another tip from Jill now (who clearly needs her own beauty blog, rather than allowing me to always benefit from her wisdom). You know how you've got that blouse that's super cute and you love to wear it, but when you button up you still have that small, irritating gap at the bust line? Well, take a tip from the stars.

Hollywood Tape is how JLo kept than one green dress cut down to THERE from flapping open on the red carpet--she had it taped to her skin. With Hollywood Tape you can tape your clothes to your skin or your sleeveless tee to your bra strap or tape your blouse together. Sagging hem? Tape that sucker up. Best of all: it holds. Hollywood Tape is two-sided and at $7.50 per cute retro tin, would be cheap at twice the price.


Neurotic Grad Student said...

I want that tape. I have given up wearing button up shirts, but I may have to try the tape. Thanks for the tip!

Suzanne said...

NGS: Please let us (or at least me) know if you get the tape and if it works for you :)