Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Ramblings

Happy Halloween to one and all!

This trick-or-treat day finds me happily working away from home in my flannel gown (and every time I see that commercial where that couple is engaged and man wants the woman to promise never to wear flannel? I amuse myself by shouting at the screen...."PICK THE FLANNEL, PICK THE FLANNEL--TRUST ME ON THIS--YOU'LL NEVER BE SORRY!" To no avail. But I digress.) my trusty westie sleeps curled into a warm ball pressed against my side, my sporty retriever frolics just beyond the deck in the back yard. A raven crows in the distance--just the right note of menace for the occasion, Edgar Allen Poe.

Oh, but the weather is heartbreakingly gorgeous. Sunny and warm, but with a hint of chill in the wind. And, of course, there is the fall foliage. I will be unable to resist the call of my hiking boots today.

I purchased the set of dishes pictured above with the help of gift certificate from my cousin, Mary (THANKS!). I have been coveting them for some time and took the plunge last night. I now find myself obsessed with the love of them, unable to tuck them away in a cabinet. So I display a set here in my dining area.

The dishes are by Corelle, a brand I have a soft spot for. I have a vivid memory of my Grandmother receiving a set some thirty-ish years ago when the brand was new. Back then, as now, they are famous for their light weight and chip-resistant durability but still china-like quality. I can hold a plate up to the light and see the shadow of my hand through it. This is something I recall my Grandma doing with a plate from the set she received on that long ago Christmas.

Grandma's set of Corelle is white, like mine, but round where mine is square. Hers is ringed with a blue flower pattern. From that Christmas in the very early seventies, to this very day, those dishes do double-duty as both her every-day and special occasion dinnerware. At the very least, that's upwards of 35 years of meals on the same set of plates that, last time I looked, were good as new.

If there's a better endorsement for dinnerware anywhere, I don't know what it would be. I can only hope my set proves as faithful as hers.
[Edited to add: You totally need to have your "plate-o-scope" read.]


Brenda said...

The display is lovely, sweetie, and the meal tonight was deelicious (as always)!

Bubble Girl said...

LOOOVE the dishes.

Jeanna said...

Our tastes may differ, but I, too, have an extremely soft spot for chinda, dishes. Extremely.