Monday, October 13, 2008

Southern Festival of Books: The Swag

As threatened, we made our first exploratory visit to the Southern Festival of Books. And, although we have some quibbles: the venue was a little warmish, session rooms were a bit hard to locate, and dang, where IS the publicity on this event, we'll be making this an annual pilgrimage. It is, after all, FREE.

Although we sneaked in on the last day, we were able to get into readings by Bobbie Ann Mason and Ann Patchett, browse through books, wade through swag, and squeeze in an unrelated side trip to Noshville for lunch. We would have gotten books signed by Patchett and Mason if we had been just a bit more patient.

But, honestly, who has time for signings when there are cool tee shirts to be had?

You gotta have priorities in these situations.

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Jeanna said...

Love your shirt!