Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Not Beating the Heat (Like, at all).

If you live in Paducah, you’re probably aware that today is the kick-off day for one of our biggest local annual events: The Summer Festival. And, while I’m all about greased pole climbing and Oreo cookie stacking and big wheel racing, and dancin’ to the oldies, and good clean American fun of all types, this event remains one of my all-time biggest pet peeves about this city.

For one big reason:


While the rest of the city is responsibly cutting back on having workers out in the heat of the day and the local news is posting heat advisories and the region is setting up “cooling stations” and we are taking up collections of fans to keep the needy and elderly alive, we are also? Hosting an outdoor festival. In large part? For our precious children.

Am I the only person that thinks this is just a little tiny bit, oh I don’t know, gee how to put this…INSANE?

And, lest you think I am just a big fat blog whiner, you need to know that, woe is the person who has admitted in my presence that they are on the Summer Festival Committee. It may surprise you to learn that those people have gotten a big, old heapin’ helpin’ of opinion on this subject from yours truly.

And you see the earth shattering effect that has had over the years.

Yes, the Summer Festival continues, just as it has since 1967 (when, I daresay, it was cooler). So bring your sunscreen, and your bottled water, and for God’s sake, wear a hat. The schedule is


Brenda said...

I's TOO hot this time of year. I wish they would consider having it in June, if they must have a 'summer' festival. Personally, I would prefer a fall festival.

Greg said...

One word.....Oktoberfest.