Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Best reality show ever.

My love for Project Runway is no secret around here. Season 5 premiers on Bravo tomorrow. I've basically switched to the Dish Network specifically to watch this one show.

And just like one can never duplicate the joy of finding that perfect Little Black Dress in just your size on the clearance rack, or that special feeling you got that one time when that smokin' hot pair of [Levi's/Guess'/Whatevers] magically zipped and buttoned in a size that was totally ridiculously truly delightfully anorexic, or the thrill the first time you got a REALLY GOOD haircut, I'll probably never recreate the joy of Project Runway Season 1 and that Austin Scarlet corn husk dress:

But still, I guess I'm Pollyanna enough believe that Project Runway has not jumped the shark just yet.

What other show has ever captured (Season 2), in its entirety, the complete and total sobbing incomprehensible on-stage meltdown of a fashion designer wanna-be wearing a tee-shirt that proclaims in large letters, "I'm So LA"?

And then there was that one time (Season 4) that Michael Kors completely lost his sh!t:

I know where I'm going to be Wednesday night.

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ChristaD said...

OMG! I'm so excited. It totally forgot.