Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Dubya Trailer

[Update: An interesting in-depth look at the film from the LA Times is here.]

Behold the trailer for "W", a film that will release in the fall about that sad excuse for a human we now call the POTUS. (Incidentally? Blogs have truly jumped the shark when GWB has one. It trails off in August of '06 right around the time he went back on the bottle. Here's an excerpt from the now abandoned site: Somebody ate my strawberries. I put them in the little fridge I keep here in my bunker on Air Force One, but now they're gone. Read more here.)

I'm fairly certain a sitting US president has never enjoyed the dubious honor of serving as subject matter for a major motion picture. Much less a movie directed by arguably the most paranoid man in Hollywood, Oliver Stone.

Lest we forget, Ollie is the guy who gave us "JFK", the film that advanced a theory that, not only was Kennedy's assassination a conspiracy, it was a conspiracy that took in everyone from the mob (Dallas-NY-Chicago-NOLA) to Lyndon Johnson to Castro to gay New Orleans antiques dealers to the FBI, the CIA, the US Military-Industrial complex to Woody Harrelson's daddy*.

Can't wait to experience his take on how we got a cross-eyed ingrate dumb-assed lying sack of sh!t for a president.

(I bet Woody Harrelson had something to do with it.)


*Full Disclosure? This does not stop me from loving the movie to the point where I own it.


Laura K said...

Good Lord Bizzy, why don't you tell us how you relly feel?

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hahaha J/K

Cant wait for the movie!!!!


Laura K said...

Uh...that would be really.

Suzanne said...

Yes, I sometimes have a problem articulating my opinions. I'm working on it.

Brenda said...

Way to GO...my thoughts exactly!