Monday, October 08, 2007

Some Fugs for You (and a video)

I have no time to write today, so I'll just share with you some especially amusing fugs from one of my favorite internet sites Go Fug Yourself. People, if this site is not in your everyday faves, you need to add it this minute.

Anyway, here are a few recent fugs that I really enjoyed: First David Guest. Few people were as disappointed as I when the freak merger of all time that was Liza and David's marriage went south. Although, it was almost worth it when Guest went on Larry King live and claimed he had been spousally abused when Liza beat him about the face and neck. Because, honestly, if anyone needs to be beaten about the face and neck? It's David Guest. If only there was video.

Next, it's JLo. The Fug Girls, while funny most all the time, have a special gift for fugging Jennifer Lopez and her little vampire husband.

Lastly, Christine Ebersole visted not only Paducah, but William Sledd's bedroom. Here's the resulting video on why sweat shorts are okay (in case you are lost in the forrest) (?).

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ChristaD said...

This is by far the FUNNIEST thing William Sledd has ever done. Hilarious!