Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Gentle Rain, A Tiny Tirade, Some Links NICE is it to finally experience a night of summer rain? After, seemingly, a whole summer without it. The S-Man and I spent some time on my balcony tonight just reveling in the sound and smell, literally feeling our sinus pressure subside. Sweet relief.

This was after arriving home from a certain Global birthday dinner down the street. My gift to the birthday girl (who turned a youthful 31) was a Tiny Purse. Of course, ya'll know how I love all things tiny. And, if I owe you a gift, you can just figure right now on it being a Tiny Purse.

Well, if you're a girl, that is. And maybe even if you're not, because, I've pretty much decided it's my responsibility to see to it that everyone I know has a Tiny Purse. Something cute and somewhat flat (we don't want to add bulk to our hips, do we ladies?) with a long strap and zipper closure that you can just throw your lipstick, credit card, shine powder and cell phone in when you're on vacation or having a night on the town.

Such a purse enables one to have both hands free (if you're shopping), carry just the right (abbreviated) amount of cash or credit cards (if you're on vacation), or hit the dance floor at your favorite night spot without asking your girlfriend to eyeball your purse while you're gone (she'll forget, you know).

I mean, seriously, God forbid you carry your giant leather satchel on to the dance floor or, worse still, carry your giant leather satchel and your drink onto the dance floor. Because if you're that girl? It's all over, sister. I'm sorry. You might as well go home, put your hair up in a scrunchy, throw on some stirrup pants and nude colored knee-highs and call it a day.

Instead? Tiny Purse. Trust me on this. You can get one here if you're in the neighborhood.

Okay, where did THAT tirade come from? Oh, all right, I'll just be honest, I might have had a few drinks at the party. And it may have been champagne. And it could have possibly been the champagne I myself took to the party and then proceeded to drink damn near all by myself. So much so that my fellow party goers finally began helpfully suggesting that I just dispense with that whole pouring-the-champagne-into-the-champagne-glass step. Because, after all, it's just so TIME CONSUMING, isn't it? It's not really what you'd consider the green way to drink champagne.

Okay, enough already. I don't have time for this. I have a temporary job and various life goals.

I really just logged on to dash off a quick post with a few links.

First, praise the Lord, someone is finally filling the desperate need of the entire world to understand all about the improper use of quotation marks. It's: The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks. I'm only embarrassed I didn't think of doing it myself since I have spent a lifetime being continually annoyed about the totally random, improper inclusion of quotation marks in every imaginable written communication situation. ARGH! All of you out there who have ever been similarly annoyed will weep with relief to know that somebody else in the galaxy besides yourself and a few of your friends has a working understanding of both irony and punctuation.

Last, go read this great Op-Ed piece on Al Gore by Paul Krugman of the New York Times. It's worth the jump. (Confidential to RAJ: Thanks for this link.)


ChristaD said...

Speaking as one satisified recipient of said tiny purse, I LOVE it! Thanks, Suz.

Aynex Mercado said...

I went to the same bday party, brought some sangria, and drank it all myself too. The other night I went to a concert and a woman with a huge black leather bag came in late and walked behind me banging my head with her gianenormous purse. I turned around and was going to yell at her. Turns out I knew her.

Brenda said...

Thanks for the link! Paul Krugman is my favorite columnist; he always tells it like it is, and this piece about Gore is no exception.