Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Tallulah Update

I’ve been desperate to take this photo for a while now. Desperate because that cute little wonky turned down right ear will soon stand up permanently and match the other (so they tell me). Personally, I hope it never happens.

Tallulah acquired a middle name during the big camping bonanza (she joined the festivities). She is now, officially, Tallulah Priscilla.

Yep. Cute name, cute puppy. But she is quickly turning into a big sack of sass. We knew it had to happen; she is a terrier after all. A breed that, by all accounts, constitutes a huge percentage of the big-dog-in-a-small-body phenom.

This particular terrier is fast losing her baby-like timidity and becoming more adventurous. By laying her mismatched ears flat against her head and pumping her itty-bitty short legs furiously, she is now capable of covering some serious ground in a hurry. She got away from me Saturday during a VERY early morning potty break and decided to explore the neighboring campsite at her leisure. When I whistled for her, she feigned deafness.

I finally had to walk over to retrieve her. Upon my arrival, she decided she’d scoot her little butt under the steps of the strange camper, just out of my reach. When I became insistent, she decided she’d turn around and retreat further into the darkness. Which is when I reached in and grabbed her by her widdle stumpy tail and retrieved her that-a-way.

Yah. Mommie got a few tricks up her sleeve too, sister. (It was the first time I’ve ever seen Tallulah’s face register actual surprise.)

Tallulah’s status as an obedience school drop-out continues. Perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised at her mischievousness. I will be re-scheduling her sessions just as soon as I get a handle on all my jobs (but that may take a while).

Unfortunately, potty issues are ongoing. I would consider her at about fifty-percent housebroken. Maybe more. She is consistently dry when in her crate, but will occasionally let it fly in the playpen still. Poo consistency is a crapshoot (ha!) between hard and soft at any given time. Playpen poo is usually soft-serve. Just because, you know, between school and my jobs, I don't have enough to do.

And, because one paragraph of poo isn’t nearly enough, I’ll go ahead and over inform you that Tallulah’s issues with, um, a “clean finish” to her pooties are also ongoing. The other night, after catching a whiff of seriously strong and suspicious odor and then searching for the fresh poo I just knew must have been deposited errantly somewhere in the house, I finally found it. Stuck to Tallulah’s (back) butt. ARGH!

Still…when at night I pluck her limp, warm sleepy little body off the back of the couch (a favorite perch) to tuck her into her crate for the night, and she rests her furry little chin on my neck near my ear and lets out a contended little puppy sigh, I am suckered in all over again.

I love my little fur baby.


Sandra Ree said...

Cute little poo bear! lol Seriously with that look... she could get away with anything. Love the picture!

Neurotic Grad Student said...

Ah-ha! I feel I am learning all over again why terriers and I are not friends. But that face! Maybe I will reconsider my terrier bias!

Suz said...

Such an adorable little terrierist.

Thanks for the picture. Good luck with it all.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, puppy love.

ChristaD said...

Rocko's little floppy right ear just lost its flop this week. :(

Kristin said...

Love the post - meant to communicate earlier in the week thanking you for your encouragement. You, Mary T. and Laura K. are my blog-idols. Thanks!