Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In Which We're a Feature (we always knew we should be, right?)

I'm thrilled to report that some of our most important wisdom has now been made available to a wider audience over at iList. This week's iLove it features my recent piece on How Not to Look Old plus all your reader recommendations I've found the time to post at the end of the article-- complete with credits! (Thanks, Mary!)

Also featured is a WKMS audio piece by Patience Renzulli that begs the question "Where are all the Wrinkles?" (in the right side bar of iLove it-can't seem to link) This opinion could be considered opposed to our efforts to stave off the inevitable or, put another way, (in the soon-to-be immortal words of Annette Benning in that movie preview that's running every five minutes now), "This is my face. Deal with it."

I highly recommend both pieces.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations...and well-deserved!

Mary Thorsby said...

Thank YOU, Suzanne, for finding such hot things for us to share on iList Paducah! We're thrilled to have your fun, Y&H contributions! xoxooxmt