Friday, September 12, 2008


Found this message in my in-box this morning:

Good lord all you have to do is splice the electrical cord where she chewed on it. You mean you went out and bought 2 more cords for a hundred dollars each. Send the electric cords to me and I will fix them for nothing.

Um, yah.

Not really very technically savvy here sometimes.


Mary Thorsby said...

Dad's are the BEST!!!! My Dad always has a full stash of rubber bands for these types of things. xoxoxomt

Bubble Girl said...

And don't forget about duct tape!

Neurotic Grad Student said...

Seriously? How do guys know this stuff?

Suz said...

Actually, get a roll of electrical tape too.

I just had to apply some electrical tape to my vacuum cleaner cord. Yep, puppy chew. A less slovenly housekeeper, I am sure, would not have left the vacuum cleaner sitting out in the study, plugged in, for five days. During which time, the puppy had ample opportunities to chew on the cord.

(Anybody who wants to say something snarky about my housekeeping, because they are so much better at it? Can just come over here and show me how it's done - by cleaning the damn house.)

Suzanne said...

Oh...GOOOOOD, I could die at having wasted that much money from sheer stupidity.

Note to self: calm the f!ck down.

Suz said...

Hey, all I had to do was to re-insulate some chewed cord, it had not been rendered non-working, unlike yours.

Can you still take back the newest cord for a refund?

Anonymous said...

There's a difference in stupidity and ignorance....that should make you feel better.

We women tend to be ignorant of such things. I mean, I've always said men are good for two things - one being opening jars. I guess I must add a third.

Suzanne said...

It could be worse, I guess. Like, if I had camel toe.