Monday, September 15, 2008

Ike Blows Through

I took a little drive after the storm Sunday morning. This was the worst I saw: Cardinal Lane at Buckner, completely impassable. While taking the photo, I heard the reassuring sound of chainsaws coming from the other side and, this morning, the road is clear.

I think most of us here were surprised at the ferocity of the storm that we thought would have been for the most part just an average rain storm by the time it reached Kentucky. In the end, we didn't get much rain, but boy, did the wind ever blow. Many were without power and some will be without until tomorrow. I can't imagine the devastation in Texas right now.


ChristaD said...

Yes, it was quite terrifying on Cardinal Lane. We were without power all morning. Oscar G. is lucky that tree didn't ruin all his hard work on the Shemwell place. It easily could have.

Anonymous said...

We had high winds here as well. No damage, though. We did lose power for 2.5 hours Sunday morning.

Thank God for the (battery) laptop - Curt could play games and watch DVDs.

We were only 30 minutes until dead zone when power returned! Yeah!