Sunday, September 21, 2008


I continue to neglect this site unmercifully. I hope you'll bear with me as I struggle through September. By the third of October, I will have divested myself of one of my jobs. This should reduce my status to Extremely Busy Person as opposed to Insanely Busy Person Who Needs her Head Examined.

This weekend was a blur of errand running and socializing that didn't really slow down until late this afternoon (Sunday). I have spent some quiet time just now organizing my home desk which will soon become the operations central of my life. That thought is, at turns, both terribly frightening and exhilarating.

Nine months ago, if I could have peeked through a time traveling microscope at the me of today, I would have recognized almost not a single thing about my life. Back then I was married, not working, and not particularly happy. Looking at that list, I realize the exact opposite is now true: I am single, working a truly hectic work AND school schedule, and although I'm superstitious enough not to want to admit it, I am (shhhh...whisper) more than a little happy.

Which is not to say my divorce is the single cause of the opposites. I do think the chance to take a year off work was truly an amazing opportunity and in some ways made my current busy schedule possible. I have some reserves in my tank that I am glad I'm able to spend now when I really need it.

I shopped for office supplies today. This is a favorite past time and my spree was funded by a sweet, generous benefactor in honor of my birthday that is just around the corner. My desk is now crowded with new treasurers: a set of retro sharpies, fresh colorful post-its, over-sized thumb tacks, a deliciously blank calendar blotter. There is even a new trash can that holds all the plastic and cardboard-- packaging cast off from all that unwrapping.

I sit here now admiring it all. My first home office from which I will actually earn a living. Wow.

There's just no question about it, it's time for my first doodle. I take a deep breath and pick up my new Sharpie:


Suz said...

You're going forward in style. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Way to go. I'm so very proud of, and for, you.

And, happy birthday, BTW!

Love you!

Patience-please said...


Mary Thorsby said...

Rock on, MzzBizzy! And by the way, in your list, you didn't mention that you're looking HOTTER than ever!!!! xoxooxoxmt

ChristaD said...