Thursday, March 05, 2009


Let the record show I knew it was going to be a bad day at the groomers going in. I hinted that, perhaps, our little Tallulah might face rather more grooming than she is used to due to her. Well. Let's call it "less than tangle-free" coat. Unfortunately, it turned out to be an "off-with-her-fur" situation. A very bad night indeed at the dog salon.

As we all know, Isabelle is a girl who can--and does--rock a fur-free look (I'd link but I'm lazy) each and every Spring, Summer and part of the Fall.

But when I brought the newly groomed Tallulah home tonight, Isabelle immediately went into an involuntary "What the hell is THAT?" spaz:

So I hustled our poor little plucked chicken into the hallway while Isabelle recovered her composure and took a photo:

Big furry head, big furry tail, and tragic tiny newborn naked rat body in between. This is actually a very flattering photo of the whole situation given that, in real life, Tallulah's body has a decidedly more fuschia cast because there is so little fur and so much actual skin shining, light-bulb like, through what's left of her fur. Not to mention, her whole back butt situation? Is just OUT THERE.

The good news? Tallulah has (shhhh...whisper) no idea.

And we're not telling her. So, hey! It's really just another day in (electrified) paradise!


Brenda said...

That groomer is like some hairdressers I've been to; once they get started, they're unable to stop. (Tallulah is still cute, though, even if she IS 'nekkid' as a jaybird!)

Stephanie said...

hahahahahahahahahahaha Those pictures are hilarious!

met said...

I laughed out loud when I saw Tallulah's picture. Poor baby. (but she's still pretty.)

Patience-please said...

Do NOT, NOT, NOT let Tallulah's breeder see this. If it is a reputable Westie breeder, this vision would be like, um, someone painting a cute little 60's type butterfly on THE Mona Lisa's cheek. Or carving a peace sign into THE David's thigh.. Or... oh well.

Suzanne said...


I do apologize to noble, properly groomed, majestic westies everywhere. If it's any consolation, Tallulah does have the proper Westie head and tail?

Suz said...

Oh, the fashion opportunities this presents! If it's still a bit chilly in early spring in Paducah, the pooch obviously needs a little something on her torso for warmth. A nice understated t-shirt, I think. Or two.

I agree with her grandma: she's cute even though nekkid.