Monday, March 02, 2009

Dirty Girls

Holy cow, it's nearly possible to get these two photographed in the same frame while each at the same time look the least bit sane and one or the other isn't licking her butt or something. This is the best I could do. And, while they may look normal, and marginally socially acceptable, both are sporting coats in deplorable condition. Dirty, smelly. Itchy, scratchy. Both desperately in need of a bath and some serious grooming. Tallulah especially looks like a little white unkempt orphan rat dog.

Isabelle is better at pulling off the,

"Sure, I'm a little crusty but still MAJESTIC" look.

Now that the horses are once again hitched to the gravy train, Tallulah has a spa appointment on Thursday. I will have my usual conversation with the groomer wherein she will give Tallulah's coat a brief examination and pronounce her "matted" with a sneer. And I will, once again remind her, that, yes indeed, she's matted and that's why we're here, um, here. At the groomer's.

Isabelle I will schedule for a spring shearing as soon as the cold weather breaks.

And then all will be right with the world.


Brenda said...

Dirty or not, these two pooches are adorable! (I'm not biased, of!)

met said...

I love when you write about these two. They have such distinct personalities and let's face it, are very photogenic (and they appear to know that).