Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dogs vs Vacuum

I believe I've written before just how difficult it is to get a shot of both Isabelle and Tallulah in the same frame. I had forgotten about the one tool that causes the dogs to close ranks: the vacuum. At my house, at least, the vacuum is a tool that is in use far too seldom for the animals to completely get used to it (hence the giant fur tumbleweeds blowing about the place).

Isabelle, having many more years on her than her younger sister, tends to acclimate to the equipment and the sound much more quickly, but both dogs view my all-too-infrequent bursts of vacuuming with roughly equal apprehension in the beginning. And I, heartless blogger that I am, have no problem menacing both pets with the Eureka for the sake of a photo opportunity.

Here Isabelle gets her guard dog on facing down The Eureka as Tallulah cowers in the background.

Isabelle continues to place herself in harm's way for the sake of her younger sister, but now her face says, I have to do everything around here--it's getting old.

Later in the vacuuming process: Isabelle, satisfied now that the Eureka threat level is low, relaxes a little. Tallulah, still not convinced, isn't leaving the protected area immediately near Isabelle.

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Brenda said...

Love the pictures, especially the last one. Just precious!