Friday, May 30, 2008

Pampering Herself?

Despite the fact that the Amy Winehouse CD "Back to Black" won a record six Grammys at the 2006 awards show, I didn't discover the wonder until just recently.

In my typical way-behind-the-curve fashion, two years later, I'm all, "Like, ohmygod! Amy Winehouse is, like, totally bitchin'!" It's sad really. "Back to Black" has been playing in my car stereo for weeks now and I haven't been this enamored of a CD since my love affair with "Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man". I love it. LOVE IT.

Musical talent aside, however, poor Amy seems to have officially taken over the title of World's Biggest Female Celebrity Trainwreck (WBFCT). There are literally countless videos of her all over the internet showing her drunk, disoriented and belligerent, railing against the press and just...who or what ever. One of the more famous of these shows her at a concert engaging in what for all the world looks like a bit of a cocaine snort during a song. Her song. That she's supposed to be singing. On the stage.

Girlfriend really DOESN'T want to go to rehab.

Amy's been in jail. Her husband's been in jail. Her in-laws took to the BBC airwaves to plead with the public not to continue to buy her music. In the hope that the resulting lack of cash flow would interrupt the flow of drugs into her brain.

Most recently, Amy has been photographed wearing what the press speculates is a diaper beneath a flowered mini-dress. I really can't tell what it is. Heck, you be the judge. If you ask me, that could just be a bunched up slip and some panties.

Regardless, I'm just glad Amy has something between her crotch and the paparazzi. Because if she didn't? You know the whole entire world would be subjected to an angle of Amy (ala Lindsay, Britney, Paris, and Beyonce) that only her husband and and her Area Doctor should reasonably be expected to endure.

So, really, shouldn't poor Amy be given a little credit here? Disoriented and incoherent as she is, there is obviously still some small, sane corner of her brain reminding her to keep her lady business covered. Even if she is using a diaper to do it.


Amy may just have some up and coming competition for the WBCFT title. In the unlikely person of Kirsten Dunst who seems to be looking a little marginal these days.


Lastly, it is my sad duty to (once again) update you on the current state of Alanis Morissette:

Get the full fug right here.

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