Friday, May 02, 2008


Behold my latest project.

I've wanted to display some of my own photographs in the new hacienda for a while now. I like to change it up, though, and these narrow (3") tchochke shelves from my good friends at The Container Store fit the bill perfectly.

Of course, it couldn't be an easy process. I began by thinking simple, narrow shelves like this could be had just any old place in town. Eventually, I hit every possible store: WalMart, Pier One, Linens-n-Things, Kirkland's, Bed Bath and Beyond, Hobby Lobby...there may have been others. I kept running into this option over and OVER. It made my skin crawl.

Finally, frustrated and hopeless, I came to my senses and spent five minutes with Pinky at the Container Store and, boom, there they were. Perfection. Why is it always the simple things that turn out to be so hard?

Fortunately, the frames (11 x 14) were easily had for half price (lucked in on a sale) and the pre-cut 8 x 10 mats were super cheap. The prints I ordered from Snapfish.

In other news? I'm about to go on VACATION....woohoo! My last big hurrah before returning to work will begin tomorrow. I'll be taking Pinky and my camera and, most importantly, you along as usual.

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Brenda said...

What a unique way to display your beautiful photography!