Friday, May 23, 2008


Tired as I am, I couldn't go off to bed without sharing a photo of the coolest bracelet EVER (and I may have said that before but this time I really mean it) that I got at the Lowertown Festival tonight. It spells "writer" in antique typewriter keys. These particular keys are from a Smith-Corona. LOVE! And also pictured there are...matching earrings! LOVE! One earring is an "S" key and one a "Back Space" key. Back Space! Ha! The whole set makes me goofy with happiness.

They had other bracelets in keys that said stuff like "artist" and "hooker" (like a rug hooker, but damn, how fun is that?) and "I Love You". And earring keys like "Margin Release".

It's irresistible stuff I tell you.

If you have to have some for yourself (and I think you do), the Festival runs until Sunday at 4:00 p.m. Come on down.


Sandra Ree said...

Don't you love finds like that? Love it! Thanks for sharing. :)

Patience-please said...

Ohhhh! So envious!!!