Monday, November 19, 2007

This Just In: PR Judge Heidi Klum Fugged

Just so's you know.


Suz said...

I saw that posting the other day. And since then, I've been thinking how we all could have lived very satisfying and meaningful lives without ever having to think much about butt cleavage - except of course as it's practiced by plumbers and the saggy-trousered segment of our youth. But butt cleavage on the red carpet?

I'm just not enough of a fashionista to deal with this.

Really. I'm sure that you and the other people who are well-informed on fashion matters are just laughing at me now.

But I just had to say.

keena said...

Who is heidi Klum. and what is fugged? I am old and out of sync with the groovey things in the nation, it is only when I am at your house that I feel even vaguely cool and with it, and that's just probably a relection of your oh so coolness.