Monday, November 19, 2007

The Holiday Season Begins

Whew! I have been waaay out of touch these last few days.

We had our Thanksgiving early this year, Saturday night to be exact. No particular reason, just felt like doing it early and, as it happened, all of our kids were able to be present. Yay! Not that I got photos or anything (ARGH!).

I'm sort of innie these days, probably because of the looming Christmas season. I am going to make my gifts a little more homespun this year. This is both a necessity and something of a fun little creative challenge. I have, in the past, tended to throw money at Christmas until it finally went away. Effective, but not very fiscally responsible.

In other news, I was a little surprised to see this at the iList blog while catching up this morning. I know Gabe Camacho, he is the former husband of a friend, but I never knew he was the literary type. Turns out Gabe is a founding member of the Paducah Writer's Group , an organization dedicated to "fostering and promoting area writers".

A big Bizzyville Super Snap to Gabe and the PWG.


Mary Thorsby said...

Will you share your Christmas creativity with us? We wanna see what you come up with! And thanks for the blog shout-out! Maybe you and I can write something together and perform it at the next gathering!

Monica said...

Hey there, check out NANOWARIMO dot org, I think. It's November writers month. A bit late this year but has very funny entry guidlelines and is great incentive to try your hand at a novel.

Suz said...

Welcome back, and happy Thanksgiving, whenever it was/is!